Piece of Cake Recipes

A recipe collection for baking cookies, cakes, bars, & warm fuzzies with your kids

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As a busy parent, having an easy + unplugged way to connect with your kids almost sounds like a dream. 

Well what if I told you I have a solution, and that the magic can happen right in your kitchen? 

This is where Piece of Cake Recipes can help.

Piece of Cake Recipes is a collection of family favorites that makes it fun + easy to bake with your kids. The simple visual format makes them quick to scan so you can spend less time explaining the recipe and more time making memories and connecting with your family.


What Makes Piece of Cake Recipes Different?

  • Short phrases and visual cues so older kids can quickly scan while younger children can see what happens next
  • Lists of ingredients and tools so you don't stop halfway through to wash a medium-sized bowl or borrow an egg from the neighbors
  • Prep work instructions so you can stay uninterrupted and in the zone while baking

Let's Take a Peek Inside

Piece of Cake Recipes use pictures and words on purpose, and the best way to explain how they work is simply to show you. Check out this Snickerdoodles recipe.

"My kids could totally help. It was fun and easy - so simple and straightforward."

Ali, mom of 7

"I liked spending time with my daughter doing something fun!"

Shannon, mom of 2

"Wow! I make delicious cookies! It's pretty easy to bake cookies."

Olivia, age 7

"I would love all the recipes I cook with my kids to be formatted this way. I could act more as a facilitator instead of explaining every step."

Nicci, mom of 5

"I liked the steps being clumped together because it broke it up so she was excited the whole time."

Michelle, mom of 2

What Makes Piece of Cake Recipes a Special Experience for Parents and Kids?

Because of the simplified, kid-friendly format, you can focus more on your kids than on reading the recipe, which opens the experience up for:

  • More enjoyment without the usual stress of being in the kitchen with children
  • More opportunities to make memories and have meaningful conversations with your child in a natural, unforced way
  • More confidence for your children as they realize they’re great bakers and can do something that adults do
  • More independence for your children with their newfound kitchen skills and ability to find things themselves (so you don’t always have to get the supplies for them)
  • More excitement for even the smallest children because the recipes are designed with visual cues that build anticipation

Why this Mom of 4 Loves Piece of Cake Recipes


What's Inside the Piece of Cake Recipe Collection?

The collection includes 20 no-fuss cookie, cake, frosting, and bar recipes chosen with families in mind. Included in the collection are:

  • Cookies: Big oatmeal cookies; chocolate chip cookies; double chocolate cookies; lemon crinkle cookies; peanut butter blossoms; s'mores sandwiches; snickerdoodles; soft ginger cookies; and sprinkled sugar cookies
  • Cakes: one-bowl chocolate cake; pumpkin cake; vanilla sheet cake; and yellow butter cake
  • Bars: birthday cake cookie bars; butterscotch blondies; pumpkin cake bars; and raspberry crumb bars
  • Frosting: chocolate frosting; cream cheese frosting; and simple vanilla frosting

Ready to Bake Cookies, Cakes, Bars, & Warm Fuzzies with Your Kids?

Choose from 3 options - cookies only, cakes/bars/frosting only, or bundle all 20 recipes together.

The Piece of Cake Recipes BUNDLE

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Piece of Cake Recipes Cookies Edition

Digital download of 9 kid-friendly cookie recipes in the Piece of Cake Recipe format, $12. 

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Piece of Cake Recipes - Cakes, Bars, & Frosting

Digital download of 11 cake, bar, and frosting recipes in the Piece of Cake format, $12. 

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